The easiest, fastest, most accurate way to cut crown molding!

  • Only Jig That Makes Every Cut on The Left
  • Works With Basic 10 or 12” Miter Saws
  • Easy Set Up Pictures For Every Cut
  • No Books Charts or Upside Down Thinking
  • Non-Adjustable Jigs Ensure Accuracy
  • Makes Inside or Outside Corners Any Degree
  • Protractor Plus for Out of Square corners
  • Saves Time and Wasted Molding

The Cut-N-Crown system has completely reinvented the crown molding cutting process.

Cut-N-Crown has made cutting crown molding easier than ever. The secret is in Cut-N-Crown’s unique patented jigs, which are unlike any other crown molding jig in the world. Cut-N-Crown is the only crown molding jig system that makes every cut on the left side of the saw. What are the results? By not moving the saw between cuts, you eliminate mechanical errors, save yourself valuable time and wasted molding, and delivering perfect miters (the joints between two materials). With this crown molding tool, you now have the luxury of producing high quality cuts and a final product that you can be proud to show your family and friends.

Until now

Crown molding has had a reputation of being highly frustrating and very costly. In an effort to make the world a better place, the Cut-N-Crown molding tool eliminates expensive errors commonly made with the old school methods, making it ideal for homeowners and contractors alike. Cut-N-Crown is the most accurate, error free system for cutting crown molding, and has been for over a decade now. Get professional results and increase the value of your home with Cut-N-Crown!


Create Your Dream Home!

If you think crown moldings are simply limited to colonial-style homes, think again. Once you familiarize yourself with crown molding, you’ll quickly see how many different ideas and designs you can come up with for your home or office. You can apply unique designs to classic style homes or modern homes, or just “class-up” a simple office space-the possibilities are virtually endless. With our crown molding tool, you will discover how easy it can be to transform your abode into the dream home you’ve always wanted!

Inventor Sheldon Smith, A.K.A. “The Crown Molding Guy”

Sheldon has been educating us at tradeshows for over a decade now (check out his short demo video to get a visual of how it works) teaching contractors and home owners the ins and outs of this revolutionary crown molding tool. We know you have questions! So check out our FAQ page.

Click here and learn about the easy 3-Step system on how to cut crown molding.


Cut-N-Crown is now offering...

Gmaxx Series More Info
Easy 3 Step System Easy 3 Step System

So you have multiple strips of crown molding, you are ready to begin installation. They are the nicest finish (because you finished them) and they are begging you to put them in their proper place. So you ask yourself...

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Products Products

These days, choosing, cutting, and installing crown molding is as important as building an addition onto your house. Check out our most popular product, The Custom Kit, along with the rest of our fine tools and products!

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Testimonials Testimonials

"The Cut-N-Crown System has taken all of the guesswork out of cutting molding and trim. It takes me 2/3 less time to measure and cut and mistakes are eliminated!" — Michael Givson

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What is crown molding exactly?

You remember when you moved into your first house or apartment? Those bland walls, sharp corners, and old, colorless carpeting made you feel a little…well, not at home? Nowadays tastes have refined and those sharp edges have smoothed out thanks to crown molding. Crown molding is the decorative trim used to smooth out edges between wall and ceiling, giving each room a much more elegant and warm look and feel. These days, choosing, cutting, and installing crown molding is as important as building an addition onto your house. It will transform your interior, becoming the focus of attention, and really sets your house apart from the others. With all the different types of crown molding out there, you really have the freedom to fully customize your home to fit your specific tastes and personality.