Why Choose Us

Why Cut-N-Crown?

Well, first of all, because there are knockoffs. Nobody wants a knockoff. The reason we say this is because we are the pioneers of this crown molding tool. We saw a problem in the old methods of crown mold cutting and sought out a better and more efficient way. Contractors and homeowners alike were stunned and delighted when we displayed our crown molding tool to the world-the only problem…so was the competition.

It didn’t take long for knockoff products to start hitting the market; cheaper materials, worse crown molding cuts-but we guessed that this could very well be a possibility. This is also the very reason why you should trust the original. The other tools out there just simply are not up to par with the true innovator and original design. Our crown molding tool sets the bar pretty high when it comes to the mechanics and the method in which our product operates. Not to mention the quality of the final product.

When deciding between an original tool and a knock-off it usually comes down this: is the money you save with the cheaper version going to be worth the empty promises and frustration? Or as the saying goes, “the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” So here is the pivotal difference to recognize with the Cut-N-Crown:

The Cut-N-Crown separate spring angle jigs vs. the knock-off single adjustable jig.

If you’re asking yourself why Cut-N-Crown has three separate jigs instead of one adjustable jig you are not alone, and the answer is monumental. The reality is that an adjustable jig is simply the old school cutting method in disguise. With adjustable jigs you still have to move the saw and jig back and forth from side to side for every cut – these are the time consuming and inaccurate elements involved with the old school methods that have caused so much frustration for decades. As for the adjustable jigs themselves, they flex when held securely to make the cut, which is just another source of inaccuracy and frustration. Adjustable crown molding jigs defeat the whole purpose of using a jig in the first place because they fail in both functionality and physicality.

The Cut-N-Crown non-adjustable design is the crucial element in our crown molding tool that really sets it apart from the old school methods. We could’ve designed a cheaper adjustable jig (and we actually did) however, it lost the invaluable and incomparable speed, and ease and accuracy that only the non-adjustable design delivers. A solid, non-adjustable crown molding jig will hold the molding exactly the same every time, without flexing, which is essential for perfect cuts every time. What makes the non-adjustable design optimal is that it will make all cuts on the same side of the saw. Cut-N-Crown works by moving the jig and molding into different positions on the left side of the saw blade, instead of continuously moving the saw and jig back and forth. Ultimately, by not moving the saw blade between cuts it is most accurate and fast, while eliminating human and mechanical errors made by moving the saw. It is simple: you gain nothing with adjustable jigs, but Cut-N-Crown’s performance in functionality and physicality are unmatched by any other crown molding tool. So come on people, it’s time to get your crown on!