Custom Roller Guides

  • Custom Roller Guides

Custom Roller Guides

  • $59.99

Support your long pieces of crown and base molding with our custom roller guides, specially designed to work hand-in-hand with the Cut-N-Crown jigs. The two separate pockets allow for both cutting positions without having to readjust the stand between cuts. Another great advantage is the molding stays securely in the pocket and won’t fall off the stand like with traditional flat rollers. The molding simply falls into the necessary pocket and is held at the proper angle at the same time, making your job a breeze! They also work great for base molding and other trim. The set of two roller guides are also available in our Deluxe Kit. Please browse all of our products if you know the specific Cut-N-Crown tools you will need to complete your crown molding installation. If you do not know how to install crown molding at all, then please let thee crown molding guy, Sheldon, teach you by going to our how to page.
Weight: 1.15 Lbs

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