Pro Kit - FREE DVD!

  • Pro Kit - FREE DVD!

Pro Kit - FREE DVD!

  • $149.99
  • $74.99

This kit includes every spring angle jig we produce; 38, 45, and 52 degree spring angle jigs. As a Special Bonus at no extra cost, we have thrown in our Mite R Gage, for finding all possible angles to every corner you have to wrap around. Another added bonus to our widely popular Pro Kit, (even though we know you will be able to make a simple 90 degree crown molding cut in minutes of using our system) we offer a great educational tutorial DVD that goes beyond 90 degrees to help you with some of the most complicated crown molding installations you will ever come across. Some combination crown molding angles and directions can be quite difficult, so we help you make those cuts easy and perfect too. Please browse all of our products if you know the specific Cut-N-Crown tools you will need to complete your crown molding installation. If you do not know how to install crown molding at all, then please let the crown molding guy, Sheldon, teach you by going to our how-to page.

Weight: 6 Lbs.

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