Advanced technology provides maximum performance and life

Gmaxx Series is a new, unique line of saw blades incorporating an electrostatically applied coating, which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of the blade. Blades are manufactured using a proprietary grinding process for precision-balanced blade bodies. The unique Gmaxx coating and grinding processes provide longer blade life and superior blade performance and are designed for use on table saws, radial arm saws and chop/miter saws.

The Gmaxx series of tooling has been developed for serious professionals and industrial users in commercial and custom furniture manufacturing, woodworking, contracting, finish carpentry, boatbuilding and remodeling. We employ “Advanced Technology” where high quality meets affordable pricing, providing maximum life and performance. All blades are state-of-the-art carbide which can be sharpened multiple times.

Features of the Gmaxx blade include:

  • Proprietary grinding process which results in precision balanced blade bodies.
  • No sensitivity to solvent cleaners, simply clean with water or detergent.
  • Earth-friendly coating contains no harmful chemicals.
  • High number of re-sharps.
  • Noise reduction expansion slots.
  • Digitally applied tension rings.
  • High specification carbide teeth.

Gmaxx Innovation…an advance in coating materials

Many months of research and development into the effectiveness of coated saw blades have resulted in a new type of coating that offers maximum life and performance in the Gmaxx series of saw blades.

Using an electrostatic process when coating the saw blade, a thinner but stronger coating is applied with a uniform thickness on the blade. The coating will protect the body from rust and resin build up that will result in a longer life for the blade. The Gmaxx coating protects key properties of the saw body ensuring optimum performance of the saw blade over a longer period of time. The coating will also reduce friction resulting in less heat build-up which contributes to wobble and less power used by the saw motor. No sensitivity to solvent cleaners, simply clean with water or detergent. It is Earth-friendly and contains no harmful chemicals. Use the blade properly and the coating will last the life-time of the blade.

Shop Gmaxx Series Shop Gmaxx Series

GMaxx factories have been producing high-quality saw blades and tooling since 1908. The Gmaxx series of tooling is produced in high-tech facilities in Germany and Israel. USA distribution is managed from a warehouse in Fort Lauderdal, Florida and another in Colorado. Gmaxx has first-class logistics capabilities and offers outstanding service to North and South America. Their staff is knowledgeable and cooperative and sharpening services can be accessed through their warehouse in Florida.

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